Man’s best friend?


Man’s best friend?

All my life there is nothing like
the energy and pure joy,
of being greeted by a dog.
Dogs don’t lie and I know,
they’re genuinely thrilled to see me.
I feel fully accepted by our canine friends.

I’ve always gotten along with dogs.
They just seem to like me,
even when we first meet.
I’ve been told it’s a magical and rare thing indeed.
Like the kind magic a Dog Whisperer has.

Male or female it doesn’t matter.
I guess they sense a mutual respect.
For I do truly respect them for the noble and brave,
creatures they are.

Some are victims of abuse and,
I truly am saddened by this.
Very rarely do dogs abuse people,
But it does happen.

To my friends dogs,
all my life, my leg has been a sexual object.
I’m convinced there is something,
magical for a dog, in my left leg.

I don’t recall who,
but a historical figure once said:
Our magic can be a curse.
I thoroughly understand this.

Now I’ve seen others shoo them away.
When I try to do this they hold tighter, snarl,
nip and grind even harder.
They do finish quicker this way.
But they get no doggy treats,
after all, they just got one.


© Danisms 2016


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