Pro-life,Pro-Choice Common Ground

Multi-racial children hug eachother

Common ground between Pro-choice and Pro-life;

The common ground is in reality of what Planned Parenthood actually does. They have prevented more abortions through counseling than any Pro-life group could even claim to have saved. Pro-lifers don’t acknowledge this huge fact. In fact they refer to Pro-choice as Pro-Abortion which is blatantly misleading and for a predominantly Christian organization to weigh their whole argument based on a false label, is to spit, in Christ’s face.  And given their success, Christ surely is not with them. In my eyes the Pro-Life movement is a farce not a force. It’s a business run on donations claiming a false narrative. I ask who profits from them? Why the full time organizers that’s who.

Just another, unsanctioned by Christ, movement profiting off of an ill informed following. May as well send your money to Jerry Farewell’s son, so he can make sure the money doth flowith. Amen


© Danisms 2016


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