MSNBC and FOX caliber questions/reflections

If dogs are man’s best friend, why can’t man reciprocate?

Why does Ted Cruz think lying is a sin? If so, is he a sinner of attention? As opposed to the center of intention.

If Benjamin Franklin was as smart as Albert Einstein, wouldn’t his hair have been messier?

One plant or tree. Now where did two go?

If the moon is made of green cheese, what color is that cow? Huh? Huh?

Ever wonder if people ask stupid questions just for attention?

Why is it, that burping and farting aren’t considered masturbation?

Is green really blue with a yellow mixed? If so: Why doesn’t the sky turn green on a sunny day?

What would happen if you grew pumpkins in a cabbage patch? Or how ’bout vise versa?

If ambiguous meant something else? Would it really?

Why can’t we just take China’s wall? Is this Trump’s secret plan?

Did you ever wonder if Abraham Lincoln’s photo is accurate?

Don’t you think Magyn Kelly looks effeminate?

Magyn Kelly can’t even spell names right, how am I supposed to believe a word he says?

Dyslexic disclaimer, Don’t use this product if you wish to live a full active life. Eat at Joe’s. This product may be good for you! A free lunch is never a free ride.

Thinking was never my strong suite, but ill never give up?

If Washington was so smart, why does he belong to Columbia? Huh? Huh? You know FOX wants to steel that one.

If Colonel Sanders was a real Colenel, was he chicken?

Every body knows fuzzy wuzzy was a streaker. Right? I mean seriously: bare, bear, come on!

How can flatulence and turbulence be so alike, yet be so different?

Shipment, what does is really mean? Has it ever ‘ment’ anything?

Hillary’s right. We can’t handle the truth. That must be why she never uses it.

If American Politics was presented to you as if it was a circus…. oh! Never mind.

Ever wonder why Chris Hayes never wears a dress?

If a Wandering Jew is a plant, can you trust any of them?

Why is it when kindness kills, it’s ok?

Why is it that mothers lie to their sons and fathers lie to their daughters?

Why is it, If love takes time and it’s so hard to find: Is it because patience is a virtue? Because everyone I know in a relationship has very little patience.

Why is it that some of these questions sound like Bill O’Reilly’s reasoning on a good day?

Bernie Sanders is how you spell deficient to Colonel Sanders.

Where did the word uncanny come from?

© Danisms 2016


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