Rare Character


photostudio_1459878810740April 5th 2016 Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin’s Democratic Primary speech.

I was so pissed at what Hillary’s behavior of trying to once again to steal the spotlight that Bernie had lit. Waiting to hear pay back but he opened my eyes to remind me once again why Bernie Sanders has the following he that he does. he ended it with a clear message as to what the spirit of Bernie Sanders truly is.

It was such a powerful and humble speech, no blaming Hillary for trying to steal the spotlight. No exposing the evident con played by NY Governor and Hillary at the signing if the $15 dollar min/wage. Just the facts of triumph for the working class Americans.

Like an old selfless Zen Master giving every penny earned to the building of a temple in his home town anonymously. or Bai Feng Li the Chinese rickshaw driver giving all his money earned to an orphanage and him eating at a soup kitchen. Only to be found out at the surprise of one customer who decided to follow him. Bernie is a rare example of a true hero in America with true American values. He says here is our progress despite the nay sayers. And leaves the issue at that.


© Danisms 2016


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