Eco, let go my ego!



An eco system is formed by bio diverse organisms that contribute to the wellbeing and health within itself, a collective. The theory is that through the ages adaptation of organisms evolved within environments adapting to changing conditions. Those that have survived, adapted to accommodate that collective bringing value through purpose. After billions of years what remains are individual components that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the whole environment.

So I ask you; What is it called, when something has the ability to adapt to changes, by creating solutions to new or difficult situations?


This is ‘not’ intelligent design by an imposing force. This is the organic intelligence within a living breathing system we are a part of. I’m sure that our role at one time was a valuable component within an eco system. Unfortunately we grew out of that, and lost our way.

Metaphorically; We left the garden of Eden, and have been a scourge of this planet ever since. Our influence has brought quick changes to environments. In fact so quick that we have single handedly brought about extinction to more species, then the last sudden extinction event that ended the dinosaur environment. Leaving them a stark reminder of how significant change can impact the ecology of a planet.

Each eco system is a component in larger and larger systems. Are we just a component?

We need to put away childish things, awaken from our fantasies, and own our part in this. Until That time, we are our own worst enemy.

No wonder why we act out ignorantly upon each other with War and intention to control. Why do we seek to control? We misinterpret what the organic intelligence is telling us. We no longer speak the same language as the earth. We foster disbelief as though we are tyrant kings trampling on peasants with indifference because we are above them.

Ecology teaches us, that a parasitic infestations can destroy as well as surve the system in which it lives. Balance is something we all seek in our lives, though we will never achieve it, because we do not accept our organic role on this planet.

We are intelligent enough to reevaluate our place, our role and set priorities to bring back balance. But are we responsible enough? We must embrace both worlds, the one that created us, and the one we have created.


© Danisms 2016


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  1. Hi Dan. We’ve taken out a giant loan from the ecosystem in order to explore what we can do. The loan is coming due!


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