Reply to your Woodchuck could chuck silliness.


Dear Corporate Overlords;

Time for a paradigm shift, your ideal
of squeezing every ounce of energy
in a stressful environment and little
compensation for my efforts,
your considering me as overhead
instead of an asset will no longer be tolerated.

Your self serving Establishment practices,
the promotion of ideological servitude
Are killing our economy. You may leave
Who needs you. It’s you who need us.

We are taking our dreams back, we are taking
our freedoms back, we are taking our self esteem back.

Your mainstream media, (your voice) will be recorded in
The history books as the enemy of the people.

If I had my way, you and your caught politicians
would all be dragged out of your home’s,
tarred and feathered. Your pictures would be put
on display as The Harbingers of Shame.
And used as an example as tyranny in our democracy.

Your politicians will be cast out of office
and history will record them as
The Corporate Whores in American History.

Trust is no longer a given, it must be earned.
You all have failed your country miserably.

Have a nice day.

Yours truly,
Dee Woodchuck


© Danisms 2016




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