The Veil of Indifference.


Look beyond the smoke screen of polarization that stands before a veil of indifference.


It is us, it is we who are hidden behind a that veil.

We are being held hostage to parasitic worms sucking us dry. Who motivate us with media prods like cattle through our own vulnerabilities, our perceptions of the world around us. Pitting us against each other, while in our distraction, they reap the harvest.

Our America was once an icon of freedom.

americanflag Constittion

What have we become? Reduced to trivial interests of nonsensical arguments that merely bring us to a place where we are so overwhelmed, over stimulated,  we fold. It’s all apples and oranges. Like good cattle; powerless to our keepers prods.


Consumers are we? When our media has hijacked our perceptions of reality and reports a slanted view, a narrative about a story rather then a true report of that story. Read me a bed time story Nana FOX.


Profit and loss, is the real story here.

But who Profits, and who loses is the question no one will admit to in their agenda, except one.


Hillary Clinton will not release her Goldman Sachs Transcripts and the media puts Zero pressure on her to do so. She is the Establishment’s candidate, and Trump her arch nemesis. We must forget all else, for Trump may win. Pay no attention to the little white haired man who represents the American people. You can wait for that. We must do battle with Trump!  Contrived, scripted, but not notarized. Documents are evil. Emails are sacred, Transcripts pledging loyalty are sacred, voters rights are the least sacred of call.


They have promoted Trump for free and have ignored dismayed and misrepresented Bernie Sanders since day one. Using innuendo, body language and fear tactics of such insidious nature as to associate him with communism dictatorship.



Now the DNC says Trump must not win. It’s like a poker game. Who is bluffing who?

We are the kitty. Screw their same old tactics.

Don’t drink their water it’s 40 year old sewerage that’s been dominating the airwaves for far too long. New media rising out of the American people to get the reality injected back into the airwaves, the ether , the hearts and minds of those who have awakened can hardly compete with the Corporate owned media giants.


The True opponent to the American people is the Press that represents political parties rather then the American people. They are the voice box of the Corporate Political Establishment.



We need to take our country back.


This is personal.


© Danisms 2016


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