Obama Denying the Cyclical Patterns for Corporate Greed.

This link is a history of the Democratic Party

Concerning the President’s speech at the DNC Convention:

As long as we deny the fact that we are products of nature, we will never accept reality: as evidenced by the natural patterns we play out as a society. Society is a man made construct; only in that it has stepped away from its own organic environment. At some point we must stop denying our earthliness. Patterns are things of nature!

I’m not just talking about the environment here, this is about congruence. If we were to be diagnosed psychologically as a societal entity, we would be deemed with dissociative anti-social disorder (a Psychopath). We are indifferent to the existential reality we live in, and the impact that has.

Our Psyche points to this fact, over and over again in our art.

Obama has given a “passing fad” verbiage while creating a negative aspect to the label “idealism”-another example of turning a noun into a verb and skewing the reality of our existential state. Setting a tone that belittles our youth, and their youthful passion, inciting patience for them as way to dismiss yet another opportunity for societal growth.

The youth in my opinion has shown that our generation has at least done something a good teacher always does: Producing a student that surpasses themselves. Calling it idealism in the original form of the word, truly does do it justice.

Innuendo body language and facial cues are used by masters of manipulation.

We have once again been duped.

The history of the Democratic party is one that in all honesty has not learned from its own history.
Bernie Sanders has pointed this out referencing the need to bring back the social reform that was the answer to economical problems big industry’s influence over politics had once created. We are back to square one.
The adage “history repeats itself” has proven so far to be very true. does any of this sound current to you?

It certainly does to me.

Lets just hope this time round the bend we can avoid a world war. We must learn from our mistakes. When we don’t we end up in the same pattern.


© Danisms 2016



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