Marvin Gaye and Elvis or What the hound dog heard through the Grapevine!

Self identity is what’s lacking in America today,
and I love that.
The ethics I grew up with, no longer apply,
it’s ok to be treated unfairly as a white man as it is for a
black man and somehow that makes us equals.

That’s something I’m still trying to understand.
Evidently if I were a cop it would make complete sense,
to some anyway.

It means that when I say hi to Mr. Habib in his fatigues
drooling on the street corner, in his chair getting some sun.
I can just imagine that he is getting the care he needs while
he replies to my greetings with his usual, “Pleash jusht kill me”.
Because I can just imagine he is someone else happily frolicking
like a deer on the shooting range, labelled “News Networks” and “Congress”
who so obviously value their clay pigeons and gleefully make sport
of his condition.

After all, the best of Mr. Habib is gone to a good cause;
Corporate profits.


© Danisms 2016


About the author:


Daniel Nadeau, writes for several blogs.

He is a caregiver, sculptor, poet, song writer, concept builder and independent thinker. His motto is “Question everything, especially the answeres!” Daniel is a self proclaimed “Anarchist against the Mainstream Media” who is in his mind threatens America’s society and solidarity.


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