To Air; is Human

True story: I once worked with a guy who took pain medication for his back, but as a side effect the medication gave him gas. He would come out of his office and say; Ok, guys em’ off. He could squeak every step about eighty feet till he got to the stairs, it was truly…

MSNBC and FOX caliber questions/reflections

If dogs are man’s best friend, why can’t man reciprocate? Why does Ted Cruz think lying is a sin? If so, is he a sinner of attention? As opposed to the center of intention. If Benjamin Franklin was as smart as Albert Einstein, wouldn’t his hair have been messier? One plant or tree. Now where…

Diligently Defiant

  Once I was so mad at myself I held my breath till I passed out. Just to show me I meant business. Damn straight, I will never rub myself the wrong way again. Oh! No! get your mind out of the detritus!   © Danisms 2016

Ooof! Brain Cramp

String Theory: If there was only one green universe and all it knew was green. Also another universe consisting of green and blue. The green universe would only be able to understand the greenness of the blue and green universe because that’s all it knows. There is no basis of which to be able to…

Clarity Through Analogy

Fox News, is to Journalism, As the Anti-Christ, is to Christianity. Bernie Sanders is to politics, What Socrates was to the Sophistry. Donald Trump is to the GOP, What Achillis was to Agamemnon. Hillary Clinton is to America, What Judas was to Jesus. Ted Cruz is the Anti-Christ.   ©Danisms2016