Do Men Fake Orgasms?

I fake mine when I’m alone, it give me a false sense of satisfaction. I like that. It also makes it possible to get a false sense of comfort when I snuggle with my pillow afterwards.   © Danisms 2016

The Human Body is an Ecosystem

The Human body is amazing, we are each an ecosystem unto ourselves. A balanced chemistry, made up of billions of tiny orgasms.

MSNBC and FOX caliber questions/reflections

If dogs are man’s best friend, why can’t man reciprocate? Why does Ted Cruz think lying is a sin? If so, is he a sinner of attention? As opposed to the center of intention. If Benjamin Franklin was as smart as Albert Einstein, wouldn’t his hair have been messier? One plant or tree. Now where…

What Men Want

We work, we cook, we clean, we cater to our woman’s fantasies just to get our need for intimacy met. We are not sexual objects damn it! All’s we want is respect. Some recognition that what we do is important to you wouldn’t hurt either.   © Danisms 2016

Pro-life,Pro-Choice Common Ground

Common ground between Pro-choice and Pro-life; The common ground is in reality of what Planned Parenthood actually does. They have prevented more abortions through counseling than any Pro-life group could even claim to have saved. Pro-lifers don’t acknowledge this huge fact. In fact they refer to Pro-choice as Pro-Abortion which is blatantly misleading and for…

Welcome to the World

Doctors no longer welcome babies into the world with the slap on their bottom. I wonder if that’s why kids these days are a little bolder, a little less angry, a little more confident and wiser. Na! Just kidding, they’re all silly little freaks.   © Danisms 2016

Clarity Through Analogy

Fox News, is to Journalism, As the Anti-Christ, is to Christianity. Bernie Sanders is to politics, What Socrates was to the Sophistry. Donald Trump is to the GOP, What Achillis was to Agamemnon. Hillary Clinton is to America, What Judas was to Jesus. Ted Cruz is the Anti-Christ.   ©Danisms2016