Feel Smart, Be Smart.

Why is it, when I speak with a British accent, I think I sound smarter? I feel more intellectual and my words flow and roll off the tongue. I asked my mom about this, she said I sound ridiculous. Evidently she can’t tell the difference. .

The Human Body is an Ecosystem

The Human body is amazing, we are each an ecosystem unto ourselves. A balanced chemistry, made up of billions of tiny orgasms.

Diligently Defiant

  Once I was so mad at myself I held my breath till I passed out. Just to show me I meant business. Damn straight, I will never rub myself the wrong way again. Oh! No! get your mind out of the detritus!   © Danisms 2016

Family Dynamics, Father/Son chat#1

Father and sons chat#1 Dad to son: Lao Tzu said; “He who knows, does not speak, and he who speaks, does not know.” Son to Dad: Wow, I wanna be just like you. Dad to son: Then shut up son. © Danisms 2016

Ooof! Brain Cramp

String Theory: If there was only one green universe and all it knew was green. Also another universe consisting of green and blue. The green universe would only be able to understand the greenness of the blue and green universe because that’s all it knows. There is no basis of which to be able to…


It’s truly a humbling thing, To be so damn handsome.   ©Danisms 2016

Truly a Curse

The Doctor told me I have a case of Handsomitis. The nurse reassured me, it was only a mild case. ©Danisms 2016

True Humility

Being handsome takes no effort. Trying to convince everyone you are. That’s the hard work. © Danisms 2016