Feel Smart, Be Smart.

Why is it, when I speak with a British accent, I think I sound smarter? I feel more intellectual and my words flow and roll off the tongue. I asked my mom about this, she said I sound ridiculous. Evidently she can’t tell the difference. .

Diligently Defiant

  Once I was so mad at myself I held my breath till I passed out. Just to show me I meant business. Damn straight, I will never rub myself the wrong way again. Oh! No! get your mind out of the detritus!   © Danisms 2016

Pro-life,Pro-Choice Common Ground

Common ground between Pro-choice and Pro-life; The common ground is in reality of what Planned Parenthood actually does. They have prevented more abortions through counseling than any Pro-life group could even claim to have saved. Pro-lifers don’t acknowledge this huge fact. In fact they refer to Pro-choice as Pro-Abortion which is blatantly misleading and for…

Clarity Through Analogy

Fox News, is to Journalism, As the Anti-Christ, is to Christianity. Bernie Sanders is to politics, What Socrates was to the Sophistry. Donald Trump is to the GOP, What Achillis was to Agamemnon. Hillary Clinton is to America, What Judas was to Jesus. Ted Cruz is the Anti-Christ.   ©Danisms2016    

American Media

American mainstream media, presents bias to its patrons, like no other time in history. But it’s harmless fun, and has no negative impact in today’s society. So glad the days of thought provoking reports adding a depth of clarity to a story are over. Who even needs such a thing.   © Danisms 2016

Patience is a Virtue

When encountered by an outspoken nag, Or, self righteous prick. I Hum this tune in my head. People are often amazed, and compliment my mature, stoic resolve and patience. © Danisms 2016